The Asylum 48 Hour Horror Film Project BTS Story (in Pictures)

The Asylum 48 Hour Horror Project

You can now watch The Asylum on Amazon Prime! We set off, on October 20th, 2016 for the 48 Hour Horror Film Project, knowing we wouldn't be getting much sleep- and not knowing much else. What we came up with turned out to be some of our favorite work yet, feeling we've settled into horror … Continue reading The Asylum 48 Hour Horror Film Project BTS Story (in Pictures)

Dead Oasis Behind-the-Scenes Photo Story

Dead Oasis is a dance/art/music film showcasing choreography titled Bending Inward by Charlotte Smith and music Sin for a Sin by Zac Greenberg. With reformulation of the original dance, Dead Oasis tells a story of history being passed through physical and natural phenomena. Every landscape we interact with holds a history which affects us in ways we are often … Continue reading Dead Oasis Behind-the-Scenes Photo Story