Dead Oasis Behind-the-Scenes Photo Story

Dead Oasis is a dance/art/music film showcasing choreography titled Bending Inward by Charlotte Smith and music Sin for a Sin by Zac Greenberg. With reformulation of the original dance, Dead Oasis tells a story of history being passed through physical and natural phenomena. Every landscape we interact with holds a history which affects us in ways we are often unaware of. Teasers will be coming out shortly, and festival submissions are about to begin, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share the behind-the-scenes of our shoot (originally shared on Patreon).

We filmed just a bit over a month ago now, and it was quite the adventure. Nearly as soon as we set up and began shooting, a storm started brewing over the mountains.

Dead Oasis Desert Storm

So we found a satanic shack to take refuge in. It had “Dead Body Inside” written in graffiti across it’s exterior.

Dead Oasis Refuge

After it blew over, we regrouped and were able to get a few more shots in…

Dead Oasis Nightfall

Before we lost light.

Dead Oasis Black

The next day, we got up at 4:00 am and headed back out into the dried lake bed to get our narrative shots.

Dead Oasis Arrival

We got our narrative shots and the weather (by some miracle) matched the stormy weather from the day before damn well.

Dead Oasis Zac Greenberg

Then, we went back to the dancers, who were back at camp with high spirits- ready to dance with beauty and fervor.

Back to the Dance.jpg

It started heating up, we were all drenched in sweat at high-noon, at around 100 degrees, when hornets started relentlessly attacking us.

More Dance.jpg

Finally, we wrapped for the day. Tired, but triumphant and happy with what we got and the experience overall, we went for a dip in the pool and headed back to the cool coast-side.

We Did It!

Big thanks to my Patrons for helping us pay for our stay at Casa Del Zoro for this shoot!

Dime Store Philosophies Introduction

Patreon is an incredible platform that allows artists to share original content with their audience in a new way, and get financial support from their audiences in return. So far, my patrons have helped me rent gear and living spaces for my latest dance film, entitled Dead Oasis. Click the link below to become a patron today and get exclusive first cuts, first drafts, big news and more.


Katherine Grace Murphy on Patreon


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