The Making Life Blog

Hello, and thanks for coming to check out my blog. I’ve ghostwritten blogs for many people (largely in the corporate world) and am excited to finally start putting my own voice out into the blog-o-sphere.

This blog will be a place where I can share:

  • Reactions to, and analysis of, new research I’ve been doing (often literature, performance art, film, psychology, and occasionally philosophical works)
  • Reviews of new dance performances, films, literature, and possibly works from other artistic mediums.
  • My approach to my work, including lessons I learn and what new things I’ll be trying.
  • Behind-the-scenes photo stories from film sets and performances.
  • Short stories and poems I’m still work-shopping/are part of larger projects/I never found a home for.

I hope you enjoy the Making Life blog. Please do comment in opposition and harmony, as well as with questions- I will do my best to get back to everyone. And of course, share and like as you will, and if you really like what you’re reading, please consider becoming a patron of mine at the link below.

Dime Store Philosophies Introduction

Patreon is an incredible platform that allows artists to share original content with their audience in a new way, and get financial support from their audiences in return. So far, my patrons have helped me rent gear and living spaces for my latest dance film, entitled Dead Oasis, as well as submit my short film The Asylum to film festivals. Click the link below to become a patron today and get exclusive first cuts, first drafts, big news and more.


Katherine Grace Murphy on Patreon


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